Maestro a new range from Habufa

Every year Habufa add new ranges to their stable of designer products. This year there is considerable excitement as they become the first manufacturer in the world to offer a rather unusual version of the very popular and substantial oak wood that most other retailers and manufacturers offer in very mild and uniform way.

Habufa have opted to use, what is called in the world of furniture 'Wild Oak'. The definition of this is simply the idea that instead of cutting down an oak tree and just using the easiest parts to create planks or veneers, that have a uniformity, they use all of the tree, knots, splits and all. None of the tree is cast out, and that means the piece of furniture you eventually receive is absolutely unique. Even more important by using the whole tree the waste is radically reduced, and the product is far more interesting. 

Habufa only use wood for any product from properly managed resources. Ethically managed resources are critical to Habufa's ethos and to ours.

The Maestro range is available in three different pastel washes, or if you fancy you can chose concrete topped tables and metal legs.

Check it out right here.

This is actually a bespoke range, so you can actually order anything from the range to suit yourselves entirely.

its actually a lot of fun, and well worth a visit.