[Baker_Bermuda]-[bedroom_furniture]-[Barker_and_Stonehouse]-[Shackletons]-[Arighi_Bianchi_Samana ]-[Hafren_Furnishers]-Against The Grain Furniture
[Baker_Bermuda]-[bedroom_furniture]-[Barker_and_Stonehouse]-[Shackletons]-[Arighi_Bianchi_Samana ]-[Hafren_Furnishers]-Against The Grain Furniture
[Baker_Bermuda]-[bedroom_furniture]-[Barker_and_Stonehouse]-[Shackletons]-[Arighi_Bianchi_Samana ]-[Hafren_Furnishers]-Against The Grain Furniture
[Baker_Bermuda]-[bedroom_furniture]-[Barker_and_Stonehouse]-[Shackletons]-[Arighi_Bianchi_Samana ]-[Hafren_Furnishers]-Against The Grain Furniture

Baker Bermuda Blanket Box

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When it comes to bedroom furniture we decided that some of the most beautiful ranges are made by one serious British company. This is the Bermuda range by Baker Furniture

Lie back and think of sun drenched islands, delicious white sand beaches. Think of log cabins built amongst towering palm trees. Think of how you would furnish these idyllic rooms. This range is developed entirely from reclaimed timber, if wood could whisper it would speak of it's illustrious history.

All the pieces have gently curving fronts, the wood is warm and very friendly.

This is the blanket box. perfect for toys, bedding or even errant kids.

Blanket box:- H55 x W165 x D46.5 cm

We also decided to offer products that only came from renewable sources, or made from reclaimed timber. This means the ranges are always solid wood. The larger items such as wardrobes and beds come in three or four pieces to enable delivery in to most upstairs rooms. Always ask us if you have any doubts, we are happy to help.

The range is made entirely from reclaimed timber and no excuse is made for the blemishes, and blending of colours that are a direct result of using something that's seen life before.

all the items are supplied with the appropriate FSC certificates.

Its a real joy to own and use.

Most of these products are in stock most of the time, so delivery is between 4 and 6 weeks. If any piece is actually out of stock we will inform you as soon as possible with the anticipated delay. It might stretch to 6 to 8 weeks.

The delivery cost of any these items starts at £29.00 for a bedside cabinet, £49.00 for a chest of drawers, a wardrobe at £89.00 and the bed frames are £79.00. There is an extra charge to all outlying areas of between £15.00 and £50.00 defined by postcode (see list). Except for the beds and wardrobes no assembly is required, except the handles on the chests. If you combine any two or more items the combined cost of the delivery will reduce. This will happen If you have any queries please call us on 01244 316041

Live in the Channel Islands, Ireland, or Northern Ireland? No problem, call us for a reasonable delivery quote 01244 316 041