habufa rotating coffee table
habufa coffee table
Habufa Saruna Rotating Coffee Table
Habufa Saruna Rotating Coffee Table

Habufa Saruna Rotating Coffee Table

Regular price £399.00

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Different companies use different names for this product, we call it Saruna throughout the range.

This is what happens when you take oak and apply a light grey wash to the raw surface, add some spectacular starburst legs, and some cabinets to die for.

Very few companies make a coffee table as flexible as this one. The top rotates and allows you to use it in any number of clever ways.

This is a brand new range from Habufa, and once again they are pushing the boundaries where other companies have never trodden.

Just browse the range, its not huge just now but pieces are being added over the next few weeks.

The natural oak surfaces on this range are heat treated and then a grey wash is applied. This means that the wood is in its most natural form and can show signs consistent with those processes. This includes all sorts of natural shades and markings.


Width: 80cm
Depth: 80cm
Height: 40cm

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