LED Lighting System

LED Lighting System

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29/03/2020  Throughout the current situation, we as an online company continue to work without any alteration in our service. We have also reduced prices throughout the site by at least a further 10%, and up to 50% for certain discontinued lines, just to add a little extra encouragement:) In addition Public Health England have specifically advised that delivery of large products CAN continue subject to certain conditions.  Please read this information via this link.

Our prices are always the lowest in the country and we check the entire market, automatically, several times a day to ensure that remains the case. If you ever find a similar product for less please call us immediately. 

Only certain products in the Habufa ranges have the option of adding an LED lighting system. The item page will say if its possible.

If you would like to add this to your order please do so through this product page.

The furniture is pre-fitted to accept the fittings, and an instruction how to fit them is included.