Habufa at the Lowest Prices in the UK

After 44 years running bricks and mortar stores we finally shut the doors just before Christmas. With so many years of experience and knowledge we had reached the absolute decision that online trading was the only way forward and as we joined the ranks of others who had made similar decisions over the last few years we were faced with one enormous obstacle.

How to stand out from the crowd, how to get people's attention in this blossoming market. We knew how to turn that key in our stores, but what could we do online of a similar nature.

It took a full 9 months of development, of serious research, of learning the ropes of an extremely complex market-place. Lena my wife and partner, whose experience and past was based in furniture and home design, she has a master's degree in the subject, applied a very shrewd brain and a meticulous mind to the painstaking work, supported by a team of developers and our own guys.

Now we are able to take on the likes of Furniture Village, John Lewis, Harvey's, and of the likes of Loaf, Wayfair, and even Swoon. Now we can actually stand alone and say to the public 'Try us, we are smarter, and cheaper than everyone else.'

Look at our prices for Habufa, the lowest in the UK,  look at how we display their delicious furniture in photographic glory. The same ranges, as sold in Furniture Village are cheaper and supplied quicker. The Harvey's Guvnor can be supplied in 14 days, they offer 14 weeks. We have several ranges that have been discontinued by John Lewis, made to your order at much lower prices. We have similar products from Marks and Spencer.

On top of all these achievements, the one most critical thing we decided was quite simply the need to continue to communicate with our customers at the same level we had always done in our stores.

So our phone number and our staff, all of whom used to work in the store, are still with us, and the phone number is present on every page of the website. We are delighted to respond to any query you may have, our knowledge base is second to none, we are enthusiastic, absolutely laid back in our desire to help and hopefully will give you an immediate impression that we really care how we develop our relationship with each and every customer.