Real wood versus laminates

This is a question we are always being asked. In the modern world the use of sophisticated wood veneers gives an identical feel to the surface of solid wood. It also needs the same type of care as solid wood.

How do these compare with laminates?

This picture above shows a really superb laminate on an item from the Sardinie range.

There is no question that using a veneer used to be the best route if you want the feel of real wood.

Many manufacturers and retailers do not like the natural effects found in solid wood, such as knots and splits in their products, which is extremely wasteful and results in 50% of the timber being discarded. So if you want solid wood it must fulfill some serious ecological guidelines.

We and Habufa prefer that if solid wood used in making tables and cabinets it must be used in its entirety. The real beauty of wood is in its most natural appearance, knots, splits and all. This means very little waste in the manufacturing process and offers a chance to buy genuinely solid furniture hand-made and bespoke at reasonable prices. This remains ecologically sound as long as the wood also comes from FSC managed forests.

So this brings us onto the idea of using laminates and other similar finishes. Again in the modern world there are now some very sophisticated man-made products. Among those the furniture covered in Primo-Laminato is one of the best. This gives you a surface on whichever items you choose which is almost indestructible and is hard to distinguish from real wood. It even imitates the touch and feel of textured  wood.

Heat resistant to 80 degrees and scratch and scuff resistant these offer a great solution to tables and cabinets that are used consistently by kids and families. This is the full list of laminate advantages:

  • It is resistance to heat upto 80c.
  • Built from 7 separate layers.
  • Excellent impact strength & scratch resistance.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • High resistance against staining.
  • High resistance against chemical cleaners
  • Suitable for intensive use.
  • Wood structure imprint.

Have a look at the Driftwood Sardinie range on our site click the following link:

Its surprisingly beautiful and wears like iron. Kids, mother in laws, visiting football fans. You need never fear, the furniture will stand up to them all.